Canine Campers - Taking Your Pets on a Muddy Pause

Do you love your family pets and dread leaving them behind?

Do you wish for a way to make pets part of the holiday ?

Do you enjoy touring, driving and parking up to enjoy a different view each day ?

We can offer you the freedom that a Motorhome Pet Friendly holiday can provide.


LOCATION : 7 Fox Road, Holmer Green, Bucks, HP15 6SE where you can see just what he has to offer you for a self-contained holiday in the UK or overseas.

“Taking your pets on a Muddy Pause”

"Reasons why YOU AND YOU MUCH LOVED PETS WILL love Motorhomes" from the Paws of Oscar & Lessy:

Lessy – Black & White Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross Border Collie aged 12 years young, female Hi !

I’m Lessy, YOU AND YOUR MUCH LOVED PETS will love the space and the freedom that Benni the Motorhome offers. Your PETS can sleep comfortably on their blanket or one we can provide (FOC) on the spacious seating area or sit up and stare longingly at the fields and woods that pass by out of the large windows, PETS can get up and stretch their legs and most importantly can eat their food, drink from a water bowl all while still moving along, making it EASIER and more like a HOME from HOME for NERVOUS PET TRAVELLERS its bliss to have the FREEDOM and not be curled up amongst cases and cool boxes. Benni has ALL MOD CONS an outside shower for Muddy Paws and boots, and interior tolilet and shower room, a kitchen with fridge/freezer, cooker, hob, microwave and sleeps up to 6 humans and thier much loved pets. Pulling up in the services or even better on a country pull in making your own cuppa and strethching your legs inside if its raining is a VERY APPEALLING THOUGHT. Tired from driving then then bed can be already made up with your own bedding and a nap is just a lie down away. There is plenty of storage for all holiday clothing, food/pet food, equipment and other holiday essentials. Pets will LOVE being self contained, MADE UP their part of the holiday and all in all YOU will have all you need to make for a happy pack friendly experience YOU will want to repeat each year.


Hey !

I am Oscar YOU AND YOUR MUCH LOVED PETS will be delighted to know that you can have an IDEAL PACK LIKE HOLIDAY all together in BENNI OUR MUCH LOVED MOTORHOME he loves touring and being driving to different locations. If you love your pets as much as our parents love me and Lessy then this is an experience for you, ALL our clients love the FREEDOM and ONENESS Benni provides ALL YOUR THINGS IN ONE PLACE ALL YOU NEED TO RELAX AND ENJOY. NO PARTICULAR DESTINATION NECCESSARY AND YOU CAN SLEEP AT YOUR LEISURE, EAT AT YOUR LEISURE STOP OFF AND SEE THE LOCAL SIGHTS AND NOT HAVE TO RUSH OFF TO FIND FOOD what more could you and YOUR MUCH LOVED PETS ASK FOR. Or you may have campsites booked up and down the country and have particular destinations in mind - we can advise and Benni is a member of The Caravan & Camping Clubs so you can gain a DISCOUNT through his membership. We are very accomodating and if you have any unusal PET species requests we can and WILL DO out VERY BEST in making your PET accomodated and comfortable where we can whatever the species ! SMALL ELEPHANTS WILL REQUIRE TO BRING THEIR OWN TRUNKS ! 


Oscar – White and Brindle Jack Russell cross Fox Hound aged 5 years young, male